september out now!

Lunah has been making music since she can remember and listening to music from before even then. Lunah's household growing up was constantly filled with soul, R&B, classic rock, jazz, and trashy 80's pop.

Lunah's sound is a classic singer-songwriter style with influences from all the genres that surrounded her in her early years. Lyrics are at the forefront of all Lunah's work because she believes language is our most accessible pathway into each other's consciousness.
SEPTEMBER IS OUT NOW! The song September is about trying to wait for love and trying to have patience when it's needed. The lyrics really do speak for themselves but it's about a boy who already has a girl. And the singer is just waiting for the month where she thinks it's going to change. And essentially hoping that it is going to change and she is going to become the first choice. But I think the sad feel of the song comes from her knowing, realistically, she's not first choice, and nothing is going to change.